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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  More Voices From the Pesky Fly
If anyone experiences any voting irregularities or sees anything shady, please email me or post it in comments. Then visit John Harvey who may be the one Republican actually doing the Lord's work. Share with him too. Thank you.
Desi, over at Confessions of a West Tennessee Liberal looks at the work ahead for Memphis in a post from last night:
I know we've all been focused on tomorrow since August 4 and before. But there actually will be political life here in Memphis after tomorrow. Whatever happens, there will be victories to celebrate and post-mortems to conduct. Tomorrow's results should not cause us to lose focus on all we can do to affect local politics in the next year or two. And, as we know, all politics is local.
Jackson Miller is probably right here:
I imagine that today is the start of what is becoming a tradition in this country. Every national election since 2000 has been followed with a period of lawsuits challenging the outcomes of the races. This year will be no different.
The Girl From The South wants it over
This is a strange phenomenon. Ever since I discovered politics in Mrs. Dillards first grade class during the 1988 election, I've counted down the days to the Election with excitment and anticipation. This year, I just feel apathetic. Perhaps it's because I feel abandoned by the party that I've devoted so much of my life towards, or perhaps it's just the ickyness of DC politics rubbing off on me, but I just want to wake up tomorrow, find out the results of the election and return to my little hole in the library working on pre-thesis research.
What say you? 
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