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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  More Election Voices If you read Left Wing Cracker with any regularity, he has not been happy with any of the Fords. This election has been tough on him. Did I mention I dig his blog? Anyway, he says he did what he said he wasn't going to do and I swear, if I was in Memphis tonight, I'd buy the man a beer at his request:
After all of that, I wrote in Rosalind Kurita and COULD NOT push the CAST BALLOT button. I thought about it, thought of the Senate, got madder and madder, and then cancelled it. Howard Dean will be happy with me, and most of my friends did the same thing, but I'm not real happy with me. I caved. Yes, I voted for Junior.
Smiley has voting memories (they sort of remind me of my own in an odd way.)
So anyway, Mom always took me into the voting booth with her and I remember the rush of civic grownup pride I got hearing that half curtain whoosh shut behind us and how cool it was to pull the big lever that locked in your votes. In retrospect, it really was like pulling the handle on a slot machine. On the other hand, Mom taking me into the ladies room stall with her...not so cool.
And dang it all, if this isn't interesting from John Harvey. You better read the whole thing.
I got a call from a guy a few minutes ago who said he went to vote at the downtown precinct at the firestation on Jackson Ave, just east of Third street and was offered a job.
And finally, Roberta keeps everyone up to date over at Blue Collar Republicans
Wish I was there to buy you a beer. I already have mine, I think I'm gonna need it to stomach Katy Couric, or her local clones, blech.
Bloggers on CNN including Duncan Black.
Tracey, just wanted to say thank you for your acknowledgement. The guys area all going on "John this and John that", John my butt!! I am glad you are recovering from your surgery.
Hah. By the way, if you purchase or rent a home in Shelby County, there's always an optional "unhappiness with anyone named Ford" add-on option, I do believe. Hee.

Dang, wish you were in Memphis last night, I'd a bought you not only a beer but dinner. I don't get up that way all that often but since the Maternal Unit lives only a few blocks from the Dresden highway in Henry Co., mebbe we can do a weekend lunch sometime after the coming mad holiday rush...
Your on. I can get to Henry Co. in a blink of an eye.
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