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Sunday, November 26, 2006
  Manufactured Christmas News There are certain things that never cease to amaze me.

So 'tis also the season of skyrocketing sales and explosive tempers.

It's become such a problem that psychologists have even given it a name — "holiday rage."

What was once annoying and then aggravating has now escalated to full-on anger. And the shopping season has just begun. From over-the-top, blinding Christmas lights to annoying relatives and all-out meltdowns, we've all have our moments around the holidays, when enough is enough.

I don't know. When I was growing up, I'm sure my parents got stressed out, but I never really saw them go into holiday rage.

They weren't big drinkers, but sometimes the spiked eggnog did raise their voices over politics a little bit.

I can't help but think that maybe ABC had other things they could have reported on other than Holiday Rage. Like, I don't know, the war in Iraq, corruption in government, Brittney "damned" Spears.

But No.

Maybe ABC needs to report on something like this that Cuppa found.

(Sidenote: That picture never gets old and yeah, I'm being snarky.)

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