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Monday, November 06, 2006
  Kathy T. Kathy T.'s Wrinkle series is so good that I don't know what to do with myself. Run. Don't walk. I'm serious. GO! In the final steps of the election, this is the series where she talks to people in such a real, wonderful way. (Update: Let me add, this is about real people. I'm so sick of politics right now to read about real people and how they became who they are is so lovely I just can't stand it. She is awesome.) I cannot recommend this enough. 
As I told Kathy at her place, you can have your november novels (and i'm not dissing them really, esp if a certain someone writes about bigfoot vs the zombies), but the truth is, most of those efforts will be abandoned or worth little more than a carthisis for the writer (that's ok too). But, for my money, give me a great idea and a way to share that November effort..Kathy T.'s brilliant idea fits the bill. Her work so far has pierced my heart.

Wonder if she can get to B. Foot to talk about HIS wrinkles?
Ooo another good find! Thanks for the tip!
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