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Friday, November 10, 2006
  Joe A Dem? All-righty then.
Sen. Joe Lieberman, who won re-election as an independent, has a message for his Senate colleagues in the next Congress: Call me a Democrat.

The three-term Connecticut lawmaker defied party leaders when he launched his independent bid after losing to Democrat Ned Lamont in the August primary. During the campaign, he vowed to be an "independent-minded Democrat" if he were re-elected. In Tuesday's election, Lieberman won strong GOP support and given the closely divided Senate, Republicans are expected to court him.

So will he count as a Democrat or an independent who caucuses with the majority Democrats? In an e-mail message late Thursday, Lieberman spokesman Dan Gerstein said the senator will begin his new term as a Democrat.

I don't know what to call him, to be quite honest. A few things come to mind. I can't be critical of Don McLeary jumping parties to the GOP and then say this is alright. I just can't. There just seems something very dishonest about this. But then again, we are talking politics. I may be short-sighted, but he didn't win the primary and then he wins the election as an indie and then he says he's a democrat. For the dems, this is probably good news, but I still think it's sorta shady. Talk amongst yourselves. 
I will find it hard to trust Joe. He said all along he would caucus with the Dems, but had he been a true Dem, he would have accepted the voters will, which was Ned Lamont as the Dem candidate.

Joe owes a lot to a lot of Republicans who helped him get elected, so I would keep that in mind as well.

I strongly believe in working together when it's possible, but there is a fine line between working together and selling out, and I think Joe crossed that line.

The good news is, we're the majority!!! So while it would be nice to have Joe caucus with us, we don't need him!
See, that's how I feel.
I hope everyone can work together in Washington.
I feel it's imperative, but I'm with you.
Joe owes a lot of people.
Joe is the Lindsay Lohan of the political world.. he'll make it w/ anyone who buys him a snort.
Don't trust this guy.
This is called...Taking care of Yourself !
Hmmmm . . . maybe the people who voted him into office know something we don't?
Actually, y'all DO need Lieberman to caucus with you. He is senator number 50. See this article.
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