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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
  If The Video Doesn't Fit, There Are Other Markets Well, now that Fox has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar over the OJ Simpson thing, I want you to know that I do believe this video tape will surface somewhere else and there is still money to be made out there over this murder. I'm not the only one. The world of bootleg DVD's is a pretty big market. As for Fox and O.J., they are a group of asshats on an astronomical proportion. The entire thing stinks to high heaven, but if Paris Hilton can puke on stage and people still think she's talented, then there you go. Here's what The Superficial had to say on Paris vomiting in front of a packed house the other night:
The sad thing is that's probably the best performance Paris Hilton has ever given. The audience was probably like, "Who is this? I came here to see Paris Hilton but my ears aren't leaking blood. And I'm actually entertained." And then they'd fall to their knees, raising their fists in anger shouting at the heavens, "Who is this?!" Then they'd go home and kill themselves because they just admitted they actually wanted to see Paris Hilton perform.
I love The Superficial. As for O.J., I'm boycotting. I'm just one consumer, but I'm boycotting. And I only really watch The Simpsons on Fox, so I'm not ranking in their demographic anyway. I don't boycott many things (Taco Bell, I'm talking to you because you're boycotted as well because I do not like your food which tastes like ass but that is just my opinion. I know you are beloved by many, but not me.) How I got from an angry tirade about O.J. Simpson to Paris Hilton barfing to my dislike of Taco Bell, I have no idea. Word association runs amouk in the fragmented world of newscoma, I suppose. 
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