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Sunday, November 19, 2006
  I Surrender I guess I need to just embrace Christmas and the holiday. I have no doubt these Beluga whales just loved wearing these Santa hats. (How do you get a whale in any hat is a question that I can't get out of my mind.) I conform. I give up. I'll get the silver tree I own out of the shed. And with a deep-bone rattling sigh I surrender. 
well, damn, no only did you make me laugh with that GREAT picture, but you're moving me into the HOLIDAY spirit even tho i have vowed to hold out until after Thanksgiving, which is actually such a wonderful holiday deserves its own week or two of non-commercial attention.
i always like to mulch the christmas tree and save it in the freezer so i can use it as stuffing for the next year's Thanksgiving turkey.

sometimes, i make sure to use a live turkey, stuff the mulch inside it and take it on a leash shopping with me on November 25th. ah, good times.

grilled porpoise with cranberries anyone?
The whale on the right looks especially happy about his hat!
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