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Thursday, November 09, 2006
  I Still Dig It Note to all Lost people who think the show has jumped the shark. As long as there is a possibility of seeing Sawyer have hot monkey sex with anyone, I'm there baby. Of course that doesn't have anything to do with this six week thing that has just ended, but I sorta dug the ending of last night's show and sorta thought Jack was cool. I complain about it too (what the hell is going on?) it still better than any episode of The War at Home. Now, I realize they are two very different shows. And Lost makes me giddy. Or maybe it's just that I tend to have to turn the air conditioner on when Sawyer is on the screen (even bloody and dirty) although I agree with Cathy on this. I've always had a sweet spot for dirty boys. Don't get me wrong, my patience will be worn thin if they don't get back to the smoke monster but I'm still in. Update: Kat Coble has her review of last night and wasn't as into it as me, but also used the statement of hot monkey sex. Didn't notice that before I posted. It made me laugh. 
I was still marvelling some last night that none of the main characters in the show are who they appear to be.
So many false fronts - and The Others are likewise false-faced.

Lost indeed. I think that's one reason the show is popular - everyone has masks of identities.

But dang - i gotta wait til Feb '07 for another fix of this show??

and you said 'hot monkey sex' - heh heh. what a fine phrase that be!
after all, who wants COLD monkey love?
Cold Monkey Sex?
Nope, don't recommend that at all.
Are the new Lost action figures on the Newscoma 2006 Christmas List? I saw them yesterday on Pink is the New Blog:
Really on the hms? Wow. That is absolutely hysterical.
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