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Monday, November 13, 2006
  Have A Nice Trip Why yes I did, as a matter of fact. In meeting some middle Tennessee bloggers that I have not only affection for but a great deal of respect, I found myself in a quandry. How much does one post about people they know through their writings now that they have a face and a voice? I'm sure people smarter than myself have come up with an answer to this question. And, of course, they now know things about me as well. I haven't been arrested yet, which is always a good sign that my new blogging buddies haven't turned me in for the reward money. Hee. So I went to Artrageous on Saturday night which was the most fabulous thing I've done in a while. As I know no strangers, I'm sure this was a little freaky for Smiley and RUAbelle (who knows I'm smitten with her.) It didn't mean to matter a bit later after the party bus arrived and I took to drinking and smoking cigarettes with complete strangers. And it isn't everyday that I get to look at some quite lovely renderings of the human body with the mayor of Nashville and his posse in the next room. Breakfast began at the Pancake Pantry where I've not been in around 1300 years (I told you I was old) with a young, drunk man telling of a fight that had broken out after the Vanderbilt game. He snuggled up to a very amused middle-aged woman and told her his tale of a football kicker punting his buddy in the face. He smelled like a juke joint. I like juke joints and I was cool with it because, although he was still a bit in the cups at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning, he was pleasant enough and talked so much he didn't breath for about 15 minutes. Ahh, the joy of youth. I saw the face in question and although I do believe that the young man may have taken a hit to the eye, I do not believe it was from a kicker of a sports team. Swollen from too many Zimas is what I'm figuring, but what do I know. Then the lovely Kathy T. with the smoky, sexy voice and Bad, Bad Ivy showed up and we got to talking. I talk too much, have I ever mentioned that. Of Course Squirrel Girl was also with us and we discussed many things. Poverty and how we contributed to that demographic, growing older, hysterectomies and death. Ivy told the best story that wigged us all out (It's her story to tell and I wish she would about heaven and hell) and we all had a moment where I backs crawled with goosebumps. Ivy is fixing (I'm so southern) to do something very dramatic and emotional for a friend and that's her story to tell as well. We also talked about the emotional gravity and its weight on writers when we discussed Kathy's wrinkle series. How sometimes when we write we are driven to strong emotions. We discussed the posts we had written and cried about. We also talked about Lavergne's blog which has been getting the hits. But, we got to know each other. We know the bumps and wrinkles from the blog. We know some things, and through our face to face breakfast, we learned a bit more. Then there was the game which I'm advocating for Bud to hire Rex (post below) and then it was off to see Sista Smiff at the Station Inn. I love me some Sista. And she compiled the greatest power point for her BIL. Her gift to him actually was so devastating beautiful that words cannot even convey how lovely it was. I also got to meet the hubby and kids of the Sista. He is a very lucky man indeed and her oldest son has the greatest head of hair I've ever seen. EVER. Being that I'm a bluegrass fan, I was very excited indeed to be around so many people in bluegrass royalty. It was an honor to be invited but the nicest thing was just to hang out with the Sista and eating food from the Mothership (and some kick ass ham. Whoever made that, you are my new BFF.) But, alas, it was time to go home. The ednaectomy and her bitchy aftermath left me tired. So bone devastatingly tired that I considered just pulling on the side of the road and cuddling up with a dead groundhog. It was that kind of tired. Learning how to pee again with dead people parts in me is new. I am set in my ways. I don't want to learn new stuff, thank you very much. Squirrelly drove us home and I fell asleep as she listened to ESPN radio. So there were private, nice conversations with people I met through blogging. I like the community of it all. So it was a great weekend. And I'll be headed back to my new home away from home that used to be my home soon. 
Wonderful wonderful. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a terrific weekend.

The Smiff kids are cracking me up. The one with the hair is the one's that got the superb coming timing too, right? Heh.
Well hells bells how did I miss this post until this morning? Beautifully written, eloquently said. You and the Rodent Queen, have brought smiles to my lowly life, so like you I appreciate the friendships blogging has given me. And Ivy and Megs too, but I knew them before I blogged.
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