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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  Goodyear update The Jackson Sun has a really good story today on how the union's strike of Goodyear is impacting employees on the picket line. In many ways, it's hard breaking. Right now striking union employees are getting a $75 grocery card and a weekly $25 gas card.union members have been locked out of their 401(k) plans for as long as the strike lasts. Not a good sign for Christmas for union workers or for local businesses. One restaurant in Union City is reporting a 20 percent decline in their business' overall coffers with the decline of Goodyear workers not spending that disposable income they had just six weeks ago. If you don't think this is hard for this area, you are sadly wrong. The negotiating team has headed back up to Cincinnatti, but we will have to see who blinks first.  
Oh goodness, this is saddening. There's no way something like this couldn't have a negative impact on the area and be hard. Three NW counties there where probably every other person (or at least every third person) works at Goodyear. :(

I hate that when stuff like this (or worse) happens to companies, it always seems to happen right before Thanksgiving or Christmas. Makes me sad for folks.
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