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Monday, November 20, 2006
  Giant Cabbage When I first met Rex L. Camino, we discussed giant vegetables as well as alien abductions. I now have visual proof, Mr. Camino, of this giant cabbages existence thanks to the good folks over at Chez Mockingbird. Here, my friends, is a giant vegetable that one of the writers, Sara, took a picture for the paper back in the summer. The man's nickname is Roughhouse which has a lush, smalltown feel to it. I wish my name was roughhouse. Yup, it's a monster worthy of envy. This is reason #419 that working at a smalltown paper can be fun and amusing. 
That looks like the giant plant from "Little Shop of Horrors".
That makes me gassy just thinking about eating it! haha!
Holy shit that's a big cabbage.

How about "Strokum Roughhouse"?
That'll work, Rex.
And I knew I would find satisfaction in showing you one big ass cabbage.
Roughhouse says he peed on it to to make it this big.
damn,'re right..whatta great name. I've totally envious.

Not a bad cabbage either..
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