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Monday, November 06, 2006
  Ford/Corker Story In LA Times The LA Times has picked up the Ford/Corker race with a quote from a guy from Cuppa's neck of the woods. I want to add something interesting I heard yesterday. I spoke to a woman who said, in her words, she was "smitten" with Ford until he busted up Corker's press conference. She changed her vote to Corker immediately. Here is what she said, "I just went down the line and voted Democrat, then Republican. I didn't vote on either of the amendments because I don't think they were explained very well." Now I bring this up to say this, I wish that she knew the issues better. One of her complaints was she thought that the Republicans had too much power in Washington, but she just scattered her vote. It was her protest vote, but it did prove to me that there are so many people out there that want change but don't always understand the actual weight of their vote. I don't know, made me sad and I realize not everyone wants to research their vote. They just want change. Sometime its very strange being a blogger . I know, random, but it's sort of my mind space today. 
I posted something about voter "qualification" a few months ago and everybody screamed in terror. It's funny, though, the more things like this happen, and the more similar experiences we have, the less ghastly it sounds.
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