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Thursday, November 16, 2006
  First Time To Dog Blog Mabel's dogsitter, Sara, took this one last weekend while I was in Nashville. Duff is in the background, a bit camera shy. Looking all stoic and saucy. 
nice dog
I'm a cat guy. Is that a Corky?
Cute little thing. :)
Mabel looks like she knows all kinds of secrets... and she's not tellin' ANYBODY...! Heh.
Mabel, in all of her glory, is a rat corgi.
I guess she's my spirit/animal guide.
She also eats her own poop and likes to immediately come and lick me in the face.
She may be a defective animal guide but she's mine.
And, Lynnster, she is filled with secrets but I think she forgets them due to a vitamin deficient diet.
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