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Friday, November 03, 2006
  Eleanor Rigby I've sort of felt isolated today. Part of the raging post hysterectomy hormones or something. I'm not used to not doing anything. I found this. It's my favorite Beatles song. I thought this was really cool. 
A) that's tied for my favourite Beatles song with "Paperback Writer."

B) I SO wish you could come to Bunco tonight. I'd even put you in my guest bedroom. But I know that creeping exhaustion that spirals out from your groin. I get that it drains you faster than anything. We'll at the very least drink a toast to you and yours.
Thank you so much Kat. That means more to me than you will ever know.
P.S. I like Paperback Writer as well.
Once again, that's the nicest thing to happen to me today.
Have you seen this: ? He's got a really interesting bio if you google him.
My favorite Beatles song is In My Life, but this one is cetainly one of Paul's finest. Revolver--great album. (I said "album") Old!

Consider trying a compound pharmacy for hormones. It took me months to get regulated (and NO one cut me any slack when my hormones were raging, but that's another story) and when you use the compound creme, it doesn't mess up your liver and doesn't have bad side effects like HRT pills or patches.
Your doctor still has to call it in, but it is well worth it. Insurance doesn't cover it, but a bottle lasts 4 months, and it costs 50 dollars and the compound pharmacy mails it to your door, so it's really a good deal.
You dab 2-4 drops on your wrist and rub it in before bed and that's it.
The creme pretty much stopped my hot flashes and mood swings, so I highly recommend it.
Thanks guys.
I'm going to go and take me some action today.
I'm a take action sort of person, and sitting around in a muu-muu in this house is making me nuts.
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