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Thursday, November 09, 2006
  Ed Bradley Dies Of Leukemia It has just been reported that 60 Minutes veteran Ed Bradley has passed away from leukemia. His voice, to me, was one of the most comforting ones ever in news. He will be missed. He was 65. 
Oh, shit, it's actually me, Ivy that posted the sad face. I think Heather forgot to log out, haha.
You know, I always thought Bradley was just the coolest.
He will really be missed.
That really is funny. I posted for about three hours one night at Squirrels on Snark because she had borrowed my computer.
Boy was she was pissed because it was sorta (don't tell anyone) tipsy after three beers blogging.
I was so surprised when I read that, I had no idea he was sick. He was the coolest.
Yeah, I always liked Ed Bradley. He seemed so trustworthy. And I was thinking I totally should have had some fun with Heather's account before I logged out, but noooo, haha.
The man never complained about his illness.. amazing.
I've followed him since his Viet Nam days.. CBS will not be the same.
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