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Thursday, November 02, 2006
  The Dump Here are some links to things I have found interesting today. First of all from Domestic Psychology, and I agree. John H., I'm with you (with extra special linkiness to Aunt B. on his page.) I don't like it when any politicians does it. (and I even took your cue on the pic you had. Shameless stealing John, please forgive me. Carter, don't you think Coulter is smarter than that? Maybe not. Eat the Press on columnist Frank Rich. Liberal, Conservative, we don't need to be put in a box and categorized because we are all still human beings. Uhh, yeah they did. I've been glued to the television and I saw it myself. Cuppa writes it and, as usual, it's thought provoking. And a very sad time for a blogger over at 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera. More sad than you will ever know. And NBC's Brian Williams writes about the ugliness in the Tennessee Senate Race. 
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