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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  Dribble In my post-surgery haze, I have watched a lot of Television. During the election, I watched MSNBC and CNN until my eyes started bleeding. (Steny Hoyer, anyone?) Anyway, last night I watched Heroes, which I've been trying to get into. I had already abandoned Jericho on Wednesdays although I may give it another shot, who knows. When I go back to work, it is all dependent on whether or not I set my TIVO anyway to watch the handful of shows I like. So I'm trying to get into Heroes. I realize this is going somewhere and I am quite smitten with Hiro, who looks extremely constipated every time he goes back in time, and I guess that is the price you pay when you can bend time (Einstein would be so jealous.) I have never had a desire to save a cheerleader before, but I will give this a chance because I had no idea that a cheerleader could save the world. You learn something everyday. And I kinda dig Horn-rimmed Glasses Guy because he honestly seems to be the most multi-dimensional guy on the show even though he did make the artist guy do heroin again so he could be creative. I guess that's sort of like drunk blogging. Anyway, I also watched Studio 60. It got way too preachy if you ask me (and I agreed with what was going on it just seemed so forced) and the gay marriage dialogue was a bit forced although I do like certain aspects of it (I like the first couple of shows much better.) I also like that the chick who played Dawn on the British version of The Office was on it because I think she's really fun. I hope Sorkin can bring this out of the toilet because it has potential. I'm no television reviewer but I likes what I likes. 
"Heroes" is the first new show I've gotten into in years. I haven't missed an episode.

"Entertainment Weekly" did a really nice cover story on the show but I couldn't finish it because they warned of spoiling some plot twists and I didn't want to know. A true sign of a good show.
I LOVE Heroes. I really do. More and more its become the show that makes my week.

And yes, as much as I whined about Studio 60 this week, I was still fangeekily happy to see Dawn.

As for Jericho, I don't know when you gave up on it, but I do like it and I think it's getting more taut and impressive lately.
I'm a fan of Heroes too. I was most skeptical, but each show gets deeper into the mysterious events. What I dread is how some studio boss will want the show to run 5 years when it may only have a storyline that would run two at best.

Of course I for one have always believed in the abilities of cheerleaders to improve the quality of life. :)
Kat: The verdict is still out for me on Jericho. I'm going to give it another shot but I think I got lost along the way. It might be a DVD watcher for me because I love seeing the whole picture, which proves I have the patience of gnat.I also haven't given up on Studio 60 because I think the acting is superb in it.
Frank: I find myself googling Heroes incessantly. I'm an odd bird.
Joe: I actually like the cheerleader character and I'm intrigued about What she's going to have to do to save the world. I really dig the cop but I love Hiro.
yep, Hiro rocks. And i too wonder about the glasses guy - and just what IS the company/organization he's with that's tracking all this ... i kinda think he knows much more about his cheerleader daughter and the 'special powers' folk than he has revealed so far.

i heart werido TV.
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