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Friday, November 24, 2006
  Christmas Wishes
Photo from Scared of Santa
One of the things I want for Christmas is Bryan Appleyard's book Aliens: Why They Are Here? Being that I found Mr. Appleyard's blog quite accidentally and he's been kind enough to add me to his blogroll, I feel it is my duty to buy his books. And I think it will be a mighty fine read as he writes for the big boys and I read him almost everyday. He's a real writer. Me, I'm a hack. If I ever get to London again, I will be sure to stop by and have security throw me out of the The Sunday Times. Maybe not. We live in a weird world and I don't want to be seen as a psycho. Other things I want for Christmas include Sara finishing her first book. I hope the dedication includes a special thanks to Cadillacs, the greatest dive in West Tennessee as we have lifted a few there and gotten to know each other. I want to see her name in print. The last thing I want for Christmas is a small digital camera, as I do not have one through the newspaper, and I don't use their equipment to blog. As a matter of fact, there aren't enough cameras down there for the whole staff, so I get left out quite a bit. My camera, a fine buy several years ago, is an antique as it uses 35 mm film. Only Kerry, SistaSmiff and Ceeelcee have seen Gladys, my beloved mannequin that I found in a garbage can outside of Cain Sloan when it was closing downtown. Her eyes are made of glass. She wears an antique Beaver top hat and the dogs bark at her and sits near the front door, freakin guests out. When RQ's dad was in the hospital, we would sneak her in and put Gladys in bed with him, scaring the hell out of the nurses. He loved it and so did we. Good Times. I really need to share Gladys with you. 
oh my. cadillacs is still there??? I had a few good times at that place. what about cheers - is that dive long gone?
Cheers actually has a restaurant now that's pretty decent.
The Club, well I don't club in Martin, but apparently it opens up after ten.
Caddies is still kicking. Probably looks the same as it did back when you went there.
It's a juke joint, but the owner is the sheriff's brother and will people yell at us for putting them on the front page, he calls them off.
Actually, it's very safe and has, get this, wireless.
Who would have thunk.
Don't even worry about it. Caddy's will certainly get a special mention as will you.:-) In fact, I'm already preparing to make you a character.
But here's an idea. If we both write a book and attribute some recognition to Caddy's, it could become a shrine just like J.K. Rowling's little hangout where she wrote her books (the name escapes me now). Whadda ya think?
Thanks very much. Delighted you like the blog. Don't go to The Sunday Times, however, I never go into the office.
Oh and tell me where to send it and I'll send you a signed copy of Aliens. Email me at
Thanks Bryan. I wasn't expecting that.
And if you ever come to northwest Tennessee, the ladies above and myself will take you to Cadillacs.
A real live juke joint dive.
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