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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Choking Not Recommended I don't think they teach this practice in the "How to be a Poll Worker Handbook.:
A poll worker at the United Auto Workers hall on Fern Valley Road was arrested after he was accused of assaulting a voter Tuesday, said Lt. Col. Carl Yates, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriffs’ Office. Jeffery Steitz, 42, was charged with interfering with an election and fourth-degree assault, said Yates. The incident happened about 10:30 a.m. when the poll worker wouldn’t process the voter’s ballot because he had not cast votes for the judge elections, Yates said. The voter, William Miller, apparently cast a ballot that did not go through the voting machine, Yates said. When Steitz, who was being paid to work the election and assist voters, looked at the rejected ballot, he told Miller it didn’t go through because he’d left all the judge elections blank. After Miller insisted that he did not have to vote for the judges, Steitz allegedly assaulted him, Yates said. (Voters can cast ballots in any or all of the races, as they see fit.)
I don't know. I think that is probably frowned upon. 
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