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Friday, November 24, 2006
  Changing Media Landscape Over at Editor and Publisher, I found the story of last week's meeting regarding newspapers and the onslaught of on-line advertising. Interesting.
Tuesday night at a Columbia University event called Journalism Dialogues on The Changing Media Landscape, an audience member asked the five-member panel, “How can we protect journalism?” The response was: update your business model and you can keep your journalistic values. And for newspapers, that means now. The business model for the newspaper industry has profoundly changed, said Bill Grueskin, managing editor of Wall Street Journal Online, and the industry is not prepared for the ramifications of online adverting. snip “If newspapers are worried about things like Wikipedia , they’re worrying about the wrong things,” said Wales. “They should be worried about Craig’s List.” Smith said that Internet coverage has already changed the way his newspaper handles the news. He tells his staff: “Report for Web. Write for print.”
Trent Siebert also has something up today about this from a personal perspective. I've been talking about this for a couple of years at the workplace. Falls on deaf ears, but I do watch several issues that can't be ignored. First of all, the internet is changing media. Second, the internet is changing media. And Craig's List has already hit newspapers in urban areas. Just wait until it hits rural community newspapers. It already is. I just watch. And I will probably never get the chance to say "I told you so." I don't usually do that anyway, but I can dream, can't I?  
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