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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Breaking ... UPDATED It appears there may be some stuff going on we all need to know. From the Tennessean

Lawyers with the Tennessee Democratic Party will file suit early this afternoon asking that voting hours be extended due to reports of infrastructure problems, a party spokesman said.

The party has received reports that some precincts lacked enough voting machines, voting machines that are not working, long lines and delays in the openings of polling paces, said the spokesman Mark Brown.

Brown said he did not yet know which court party lawyers would file suit in, but said it would be in Davidson County at about 1:30 p.m. Lawyers had not yet decided whether they would ask that all polls remain open later or ask only that polls in certain regions of the state be open later.
Polls will close here at 7 p.m. We had some issues when we went all electrified in the August Elections. I don't know if this will impact us in rural areas of northwest Tennessee or not. Update: Adam Groves said this is all premature according to Dem. Chairman Bob Tukes. 
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