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Saturday, November 25, 2006
  The Boring The commune is incredibly quiet. Rodent Queen has headed to the Saluki/Skyhawks match up in Carbondale for the playoffs. Homer, Squeegee Monkey, Bear and Corn are on the road headed back from Ohio. Actually, I don't think they've left yet, so it could be later in the evening when they arrive here in Hooterville. And I'm fluctuating between watching Arrested Development on G4 and Deadwood on HBO. I'm chilling out as the doctors recommended I keep my butt at home, which I'm doing as I have some sort of goofy infection. (Nothing terrible.) This holiday weekend has netted a couple of cool e-mails from an old classmate of my sister who found this blog (shout out to Amanda). I've also been working on 100 Things about Newscoma. Boring post, I know. But sometimes, you have to have the boring to appreciate the chaos. 
LOL, I'm working on an 100 Things too, ironically. Well, in between bouts of falling asleep at the keyboard.

PS I just added direct links to the rest of the live Government Cheese videos on YouTube to that post from earlier. Enjoy, hehehe...
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