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Thursday, November 09, 2006
  Anderson And Regis Okay campers. I have a tattoo. It's took me 16 years to become brave enough to do it, but I did. It's an Egyptian hieroglyphic on the inside of my right ankle. I am also quite partial to Anderson Cooper but not this much apparently. Gawker has it and I must say, that is some devotion. She apparently has Regis and Kelly on the other ankle. All-righty then. 
That'll look great when she's 70 and poor Anderson will have a nice, big vericose vein running through his forehead.
As I said before, there's gonna be a great market in a few years for painless tattoo removal!..

not yours, of course..yours sounds cool.

I've had mine six years.
It's pretty discreet but I did have a co-worker tell me it looked like I'd been working on a car and it was an ink stain.
Needless to say, I rather like it but I don't want one of Anderson Cooper's face or Regis and Kathy Lee.
ROFLMAO Betty - good call.

Yeah, I saw this on Gawker yesterday. I believe I'll go get Morley Safer and Dan Rather tattooed on my back in honor of old school 60 Minutes. NOT!!

Speaking of Anderson Cooper, I just a few weeks ago learned he is Gloria Vanderbilt's son and am quite bothered about the fact that I didn't know that, how I missed that info I know not...
OMG. I love Anderson Cooper.
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