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Thursday, November 23, 2006
  And ...Alas, It's Almost Over The food has been devoured. We spent the day with Rodent Queen's mother and ate the usual. Turkey, green bean casserole, something very strange called Pink Fluff (I didn't eat this because it was very weird and apparently is a delicacy for her family. It was just too pink and bizarre but they like it.) We also had a casserole that was really good and all I can determine that is that it was a cornucopia of corn and butter, that was so good that I almost got a third helping but thought better of it as I felt like my arteries were hardening in my chest. Of course, I made the dressing. I say that with authority because it is one of the five dishes that I can cook and by golly, it is pretty damned good if I say so myself. Did I mention that I can honestly only cook about five dishes? I know, I suck. As RQ's family lives way out in the country, I heard the sound of gunshots in the near distance as deer ran for their lives. Her sister shot a buck last weekend and that was the talk at the table. I blog. She hunts. We all got hobbies. Now I'm adamant that Squirrel Girl make me fried squash, which she makes like potato chips. She has relented because she is a nice person. I've said Thank You many times to her because I also put on her blue jeans without realizing it this morning, just thinking that apparently I had grown shorter and didn't realize it until she pointed it out as she is five-ten and I barely top five-two. Sometimes I should pay more attention. Joe Buck is on the tube as Dallas is giving Tampa Bay a Thanksgiving spanking. As I'm not really a fan of either team, I'm sort of half watching but I can say that I have now heard a Carrie Underwood song, something I had avoided up until this day. The song that had to do with cheating (that Sista Smiff's daughter has as her cell phone ringer) was the only one I heard. I'm more of Johnny Cash girl. I'm eternally grateful for Johnny Cash. It's just a thang of mine. Anyway, the sister, her husband Squeegee Monkey and the nieces are in Ohio so the commune is still. It's quiet and I miss them although if they were here, I'm sure I would be listening to the oldest niece playing the Simms that she refuses to let me play and I would also be man-handled by the seven year old to play cards as she has become more proficient at cheating and wants to show her skills off to her Aunt Tick (that's me) As for the cards, I'm at fault (something I taught her while I was Percodaned out the week of Halloween when Edna had just left this world.) So once again, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Thanks for enriching my life. It's been swell. 
I feel like a bag of stuffing. (**)

I love stuffing, I think I'm addicted.
Used the Turkey broth instead of water to make it. Damn! Now I gotta have more :)

Ya know what else I like? Stuffing for breakfast. Yum
Pink Fluff - we have Green Stuff in our family. It's just Jello & Cool Whip with some stuff in it (marshmallows, nuts, what have you). I personally love it, but I'm weird and that's now documented. Oh wait, so are you! Tee hee.

Hope you sleep off the feast well & have a great day tomorrow!
Your Thanksgiving Day sounds grand! Glad it was full of good food and friends.
I like stuffing too, but we are a dressing family.
Dressing on rolls left over for dinner is awesome, TN420.
Another day of feasting sounds good to me.
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