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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
  Sick, Maybe Not Terminal This afternoon, I've been posting from a spare computer at the house. It's not mine so I have to share. My beloved laptop is sick. Very, very sick and I'm just devastated about it. I got it for my 40th birthday and I love it. It has sentimental value as well. I know, I'm whining. Let me revel in my self-pity for a second. I'm hoping there is a way to save it. Something happened, and to get it fixed will cost more than the computer was. You have no idea, I work on a computer non-stop and it is my most important tool for my job. It gives me flexibility at my job. There are no computer fairies to fix this and the warranty-police are being testy with us. And I got the good warranty that covers me being a goob. I'm just sick about it. I wish the Mac I Book elves would stop by, but I'm a realist. I'm very upset about it. Crap. 
Easy there, pilgrim. It's ok for the news to be in a coma, but we don't want you in one.

It drives you nutz! Our site is so busy and gets so many hits that we have to have four PCs just in case one or two go down. Especially with the elections so close and so many Repiglikans to smear, slander, swiftboat, and tell the truth about.

I truly feel ya.

But you're a news person at heart and you won't let such troubles get in the way of getting the word out. :)

Type more, everyone's watching.
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