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Sunday, October 01, 2006
  A Proposition To Knoxville Bloggers Hey East Tennessee!! Rodent Queen and I are going to be in Knoxville from October 11 through October 14 to attend newspaper schooling . I saw over at Moderate Matt's that you bloggers got your thing on last night and it sounded like you guys had a great time.. Anybody up for a few drinks while we are there. E-mail me if your are interested at if you want to get together for cocktails, coffee or conversation. I know we are just some northwest Tennessee hillbillies, but it might be fun. We will be coming back through Nashville on the 14th. Late B'day celebration anyone for me, Rex and Sharon? 
Sounds like a party...

I'm all for it.

Drinks are on you right?
Pick me, pick me!! And matt too :) Let's be dirty girls (martini's for all you filthy minded people!)
We will have to drink cheap PBR or Country Club if I buy the drinks, Matt. Bring your lovely bride for God's sake :)
Julie, you are always picked first, but Matt you are the first boy picked.
Send me some info on what you want to do and on which night. I'm thinking Thursday or Friday.
Do we want to slum (I love slumming) or whatever you guys decided.
You know the town.
i too am most certainly ready fer some libations, cocktails, etc
Are you meeting up with us, Joe?
Is this a private party or can anyone drop in?

- jonathan hickman
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