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Monday, October 30, 2006
  On The Mend Well, it's been a lousy couple of weeks, but I have my laptop back (it's been gone for a month and I was very sad and sorta pissed off.) Life, however, is taking an upward turn. As for Edna, her ghost is still haunting me but the worse of this crap seems to be on the mend although I feel very powerless not being able to do anything. Other than feeling like hell in a handbasket, I'm feeling like things are getting a bit better. Don't let people fool you, this operation sucks balls but I had two for the price of one and that may be the problem. So, with the election on the horizon, and being that I've never created a poll before, let's vote early by voting now.
Who are you voting for in Tennessee Senate's Race?
Harold Ford Jr.
Bob Corker
Chris Lugo
Bo Heyward
Ed Choate
Gary Keplinger
David Gatchell
Free polls from
I hate being sick during the end of the political campaign season. Feh. 
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