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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  Not Bad The trip to the doctor's netted that I have a nagging infection but not a dire one. A bit uncomfortable and a little bit of delay on getting cured, but nothing that some more DRUGS won't cure. I'm tired of drugs. Really. These are not fun drugs. I'll say no more. Say no more (to quote Python.) And, I can now have beer. Dr. Buffy the Bladder Slayer knew I liked Bass. Curious. 
Good news. Kind of..

Hope one of the drugs is NOT Levaquin. That is the Drug From Hell Itself.
Say no more...wink, wink...nudge, nudge!
No Levaquin. That just sounds bad.
Ugh - infections . . . nasty buggers. Of course, Pooks has been dealing with hers for over a 1.5 months, so I know all about those. Hope you get a handle on it.

Hey, are those 4 creeps in the picture from a Buffy episode? The ones that float above ground, turning their head from side to side with those nasty grins?
Just think ... this time next week you'll feel 10 times better than you do now! Say no more!
This is true. Last week I felt like the Grim Reaper and I were on speaking terms and I do feel better today, HOWEVER, I don't have the morphine high that makes me not care.
Well, it could be worse. Believe it or not, I am an optimist.
Most drugs are better than their alternative..but not Levaquin..i totally agree with Kat on this one..

Mostly just wanted to say how glad I am to hear what feels like good news!
Sweetie, so sorry you're having troubles and so glad you're going to feel better soon. (I second the "no Levaquin unless I'm dying and even then I better be going fast" vote. Gaaaaah. Miiiiiiiih.) Am sending fellow hystah-sistah healing vibes west.
Good to see you back and about - even though I didn't comment earlier, I was getting a little concerned when your absence got more prolonged than I expected. This whole thing sounded like no fun at all (and since I have 20+ years of med experience I have a pretty good idea of just how unfun). So since I have the pain tolerance of a flea, I am in awe of how swimmingly you have gotten thru it.

And now you can have beer! Yay for beer!

Hope you feel 100% better soon - hang in there!
I agree. Yah for Beer. Would it be inappropriate to have about seven?
Yes, take drugs and get better soon. Preferably take overpriced brand-name drugs. My job depends on pharma raking in the bucks. So thanks. :)
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