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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  Nashville Bloggers Take A Stand I was not at the forum last night about Claudia Nunez. I hope that readers will go to the fine bloggers who did attend the function and heard this sad, tragic story. I've been following it all morning. Today, ironically it being Halloween, I have read stories that have made me consider the concept of compassion and the true meaning of a nightmare. Bloggers who are went and are in the know who can tell Ms. Nunez story:
John H. Sarcastro Aunt B. Mack From Coyote Chonicles Chris Wage Sean Braisted
Braisted writes this:
Now, Claudia faces deportation...not to Mexico, but to El Salvador. In El Salvador, Claudia faces the prospect of no friends or family (all of them are in the United States) and instead faces the possibility of being raped or killed by the Mara Salvatrucha. The Mara Salvatrucha is an El Salvadoran gang that was actually started here in the United States, but has been imported (or deported) into El Salvador and to a lesser extent Honduras. NPR and the BBC have excellent pieces on the reach and impact of The Mara gangs. They have been accused of raping and beating deported immigrants because they feel that these immigrants either have money, or have access to money in the United States. So here is this mother of two, who faces deportation to a country where she has no family or support structure, and has a reasonable expectation of "bodily harm" if sent back. I don't wish to push Claudia's story as a need for sane immigration policy. That is another debate which I am sure to have. But let us have compassion for Claudia, and put pressure on those who can have influence on her fate.
It's a sad story. Did Claudia screw up by not filling out the proper paperwork, yes. Does she deserve to go back to a country, leaving her two children and husband when she has no criminal record. I'd hate to see her returned to a hostile situation when all she wanted to do was live the American Dream, which is turning into the American nightmare. bureaucracy breeds confusion for everybody. This woman needs to be with her children. For a petition for action, go here
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