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Friday, October 20, 2006
  More disjointed ramblings Rooting around the web this morning, here are some things I saw: Scientists have created a "cloak of invisibility." Harry Potter would be so proud. The Jackson Sun has a story about Corker in Jackson yesterday going after the West Tennessee vote. I believe that Ford was in that area as well. Told you they were courting west Tennesseans. Another story. John Farmer is po'd. Head over to Blue Collar Republicans and you'll see why. Last night, I watched My Name is Earl. The last two minutes are absolute gold as Randy and Earl dance to Mr. Roboto under a strobe light. Made me feel good for some reason. Today is my last day at work for the Edna follies. Yeah, I'm sorta getting nervous. I've had tons of advice and it tends to be different from every single person I talked to. I just love it when women say "Oh my God! That hurt worse than anything I've ever done. The morphine couldn't even help. You are going to feel so horrible. And then your hormones are going to go crazy. I cried for six months." To all of you, Thanks. I really needed you to tell me this. My laptop has been in the shop this week, and Rodent Queen's DIED. So, blogging on the sly. My laptop should be back at the end of next week. 
You will be just fine and feel much better! (not that I've had it done.. )
My supervisor said though, 'God, if I'd know I could have had this done years ago, I sure would have done it',, but she is afraid of needles,, that was her only pause,...
You will be not only fine, but even better! Miss you and thinking of you and sending you love and healing thoughts!
Yes, you will be fine!
It's like when a woman is pregnant & every other woman has to tell her horror stories of labor & delivery. Why do we do that??
Be well!
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