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Saturday, October 07, 2006
  Life Is Good You know life is good when your birthday starts out by watching Tivo'd episodes of The Office and My Name is Earl. And the only thing I've had to do this morning is watch my niece play The Simms, which I'm oddly intrigued by. Is it wrong to throw a ten year-old off the computer so I can play? I tried to bribe her with a Moon Pie but she ain't budging. Money didn't work either. Yup, guess that would be wrong but damn, I wanna play that game. 
It's ok on your bday! Have a very happy one, we will continue to celebrate next week!
Those are the 2 best shows on TV, & well worth TiVo-ing.
Have a very faboo birthday! :)
If the Moon Pie didn't work, nothing will.

Happy b-day.
Give the child the boot from the computer! It's your day and you can do anything you want!!! Hope it's a great day for you
Happy Birthday! Thinking of you on this festive day! Lots of good thoughts, positive energy, and goofy grins to you!
Yer just a youngin. :P

Have a grand birthday! I'll stop at 43 and wait for you to catch up.
You should be able to get away with pretty much anything on your birthday, but it isn't your birthday anymore. So nevermind.

Belated happy birthday, 'coma.
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