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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
  Let's Get This Out Of The Way So I went to see my fine doctor today, had a bunch of additional tests and the verdict is ... Now, if you are a boy who hates it when girls talk about their junk or you are a squeamish person, you may want to go get a cup of coffee or a beer or something because we are going to be talking about girl stuff. And I know that makes some people uncomfortable. Go on. I'm waiting. Go here. It will be more restful for you. All right. For the rest of you, I received a lovely birthday surprise. A hysterectomy. Great. I was hoping to avoid this. I like all my parts in place and have had this luxery for 40 years, but it appears that this is the only route I can take. The Good News is there is no cancer and I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am about that. The other good news is that they aren't taking everything (I get to keep the ovaries so I can "naturally age".) The bad news is, I have to have this and what is called a hammock. My surgery is scheduled for Oct. 23, early in the morning but recovery time will be about half of what I expected, so that is good because I've been worrying myself to death about work. There are reasons. One, I just lost a ton of weight and the sucker just fell. Second of all, Endometriosis. That I've had since I was a teen and it caught up with me. There are a few things that you don't need to do when you are finding out you have to have surgery. DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT, Google images of hysterectomies for God's sake.It's just damned creepy and I don't advise doing it in the least. Second of all, I'm looking on the bright side. I really don't want to do this because it's a girl thing. I mean, I've never had kids, although I love them. And for some reason, I feel like this is a passage of some sort into middle age. I like to think I'm fabulous (if I don't, who will?) but it's sort of depressing in a way as well but I'm dealing with it. Better to feel fabulous as well, don't you think? So this heady stuff is out of the way. I'm headed to K-Town next week, going to a greekfest and I get to meet some of the east side bloggers. Let the birthday celebration continue. 
If you don't read Mir already, add her to your feed. Then, read about her medical misadventures in her archives. She is young, smart and funnny.
I'm glad you don't have the "C" word, but I'm really sorry you're going to have to have work done on your . . . uh . . . other "c" word. :D

Good luck. I'll be praying for you!
I'm sorry for you. Don't read more if you're squirmy about girl stuff. But when my doc scheduled my surgery when I was 37, I was happy. No more menstrual pains, heavy bleeding, and pre-cancer cells. However, here's something your doc didn't tell you but you should know. Typically when a woman has a hysterectomy, she'll have both ovaries removed within five years anyway. You may as well get it done at the same time then take hormones so you can age naturally. My ovaries came out when the doc discovered an 11 centimeter (or millimeter or mile-long or something that was the size of a grapefruit) cyst. You'll be okay. You may get depressed, but you will be okay. My thoughts and best wishes are with you. If I can do anything - even from two hours away - let me know.
I will check out Mir.
Kathy, thank you for the advice.
It's been so weird.
You and all your parts are fabulous! I'm sorrry you have to go through this. But I didn't stick my fingers in my ears and go "LA LA LA!" so there is somer personal growth going on.

As always, let me know if there's anything we can do from Nashvegas.
Newscoma! Do NOT allow the removal of your ovaries under any circumstances other than serious ovarian disease!!!! Removal of the ovaries sends a young woman into instant menopause, which is worse than natural menopause, and your body will age quickly, your quality of life will suffer, and you will run the risk of developing serious disease without the natural hormones. The ovaries produce many unknown factors in addition to the known hormones.

I had a hysterectomy when I was 27 but kept my ovaries. My ovaries never became diseased, I still have them, and I am in my fifties. I went through natural menopause around the usual time. If your uterus and tubes have been removed or you have had a tubal ligation but you kept your ovaries, you likely will go through natural menopause a few years earlier than you would have with everything intact. The uterus itself produces unknown factors.

I'm telling you straight, girl. Male doctors do not relate to this, and even younger female doctors are not always informed. A nurse noticed on my surgery consent form that the doctors were going to remove my ovaries, too, though there was nothing wrong with them. She brought the form to me and warned me. I crossed out the ovary-removal part. I am so thankful she warned me.
Well I'm sure glad to hear Donna's side that ovaries can make it past five years! I was actually very happy with my ovaries until I had to go under the knife again. Every single person I've ever talked with (until Donna) said they lost their ovaries within five years of a hyst. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be absolutely the right choice for you and we all give our complete support and send love your way! Or words to that effect.
Well, just make sure not to take pictures of your incision and send it to bloggers while you're on drugs. Or if any come to visit you, don't lift up your gown adn show them.
Apparently, I showed John Hutcheson my scar when he came to visit me, and I sent Kat Coble a picture of a hole in my incision when I got out. Of course, I didn't remember any of this until I went to dinner with both of them two months after my hystie. We were at at Sushi restaruant at the time. I was mortified.
The first 8 or 9 months, I was not so good. My hormones were going crazy. As Donna pointed out, when the ovaries are removed, you're thrown into instant, unnatural menopause.
However, one year after my surgery, I am glad they took everything out. I made it through the year without killing anyone and only sobbing endlessly while they tried to get my hormones adjusted. In the end, a compound pharmacy that makes a creme of estrogen and progesterone did the trick for me. The doctor has to call it in, but it's cheap and doesn't make you crazy and it helps the hot flashes. Oh those hot flashes. I was so miserable.
It takes about one year to feel "normal" again. At least for me. But, it's worth it, and I sooo don't miss my periods.
I haven't aged any this year, but I did gain some weight.
All and all, one year is a relatively short period of time, so don't get frustrated if you aren't up to par as quickly as you think you should be. Each person is different.
I had an abdominal hysterectomy, so it takes a little longer to recover from those.
Personally, I don't miss my ovaries at all. Thankfully, I've always had a large set of balls!
Hang in there because it's not that bad a year afterwards.


Sorry, I still care but it got a little clinical for me.

Happy Birthday Week! You rock, so hard!
I have no experience in matters of the big H, but I'm sending my best wishes to you!
You will be just fine! I will do a pre-op Reiki treatment on you if you like and things will be great!
I know you will be just fine and feel better by early november! However,, Happy bday, we will celebrate for weeks! And in Person next week!! Bring Bail money,, I have an atty friend on call.

Wouldn't even be CLOSE to the first time, would it?

Lot's of people are STILL waiting for your long since promised "Penthouse Forum: The Audio Collection", dammit.

Damn glad it wasn't cancer. You gave me some pretty good foreshadowing that this was coming during our visit so I'm not so surprised. Sorry this has to happen but the main thing is the world has a healthy Newscoma. Birthday week is something else, eh?

You're the best!
Best of luck to you & the impending surgery.. I know you'll do well.
Just get those hormones in alignment, & all will be well.
One thing I forgot to add: When I began reading about menopause a few years ago, I concentrated on books written by female doctors --OB-GYNs. I found them the most useful. I remember reading, but can't call up all the details, that for reasons unknown, tubal ligations (for birth control) do seem to cause deterioration of the ovaries, but hysterectomies leaving the ovaries intact generally don't have that effect. I can vouch for that anecdotally by the experiences of women I know. My cousin had a tubal ligation, and her ovaries "went bad" some years afterward, while she was still young.

My mom had a hysterectomy as a young woman, keeping her ovaries. She's in her seventies and still has them, went through natural menopause at the usual time.

If you keep your ovaries, you won't need hormone replacement until you go through natural menopuse.
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