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Monday, October 09, 2006
  The Joys Of Being A Girl So I had a little Birthday accident. Shilling T-shirts for Elementary school parents turned into a fiasco. While rooting around a box, I tore something. As I headed to the bathroom, hundreds of children with small, plastic cups of Dipping Dots converged in front of me and I felt the urge just to lie down on the floor screaming "Mommy." I didn't but it seemed like a very pleasing idea at the moment. Yup, it happened in my girl parts. Apparently the uterus who we are now calling Edna because my brother-in-law is oddly uncomfortable about the use of the words uterus and womb, was angry that I wasn't giving it enough attention before it departs me and something ripped so I spent Saturday night and Sunday wishing I was a boy. I'm walking like a zombie from Night of the Living Dead. Edna is just being plain pissy. The sad thing is, some friends were having a bash and I couldn't go because I couldn't walk but I did do some celebrating over the past week and it was a blast. I have no idea what I did but I did something. I feel a bit better today but on Saturday night (yup, birthday night) I couldn't move and missed our gathering. I felt bad about it, but I felt worse that my body is revolting against me. It was pretty damn painful. I guess with all the doctors rooting around down there, something gave way, or maybe it was going to give way anyway. Ahh, the joys of being a girl. As for the blog, it's still not accepting links to all of your fine other pages. My laptop is down and then my spare laptop's windows program corrupted. I'm typing on my sis's old Dell that is very persnickety. It's being cleaned today so I should be up and running in no time. How pretty and lovely this all is. 
Damn, Edna is a demanding mistress, isn't she?
I do hope that you're feeling mucho better this morning.
I hope you feel better.
Oh, sweetie!

Feel better quick!
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