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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
  Geekdom Lost is coming on in forty-five minutes. There are times my geekdom rules supreme. 
and oh what a fine start.
i'm starting to think the real behavioral experiments are those being crafted by Lost's writers on all us geek-o-fied viewers.
It's only geekdom when you refuse to answer a knock or ring at the door while you're watching, in which case, I have. This makes me at the very least, a Duke of Geeks.

Well, sorry for those of you when you come to my house on thursday nights, but you know me, and you know what I watch. When 24 and Prison Break are on, the house is empty. I'm not here. Vamoose.

It's not geekdom or obsession, NC. It's just a fully involved hobby. :)
I like that.
A fully involved hobby sounds good.
And I loved the premiere.
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