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Monday, October 09, 2006
  Fractures Part Five I watched "The War Room" yesterday with the sister, getting a viewing off a particularly good (and free) Showtime weekend. We were moved. The year that Clinton was elected was a good time for us. We campaigned for him, thought he might do some good and in essence, the Clinton years were good for us. My mother was still alive and she loved Bill Clinton. My Dad was a Perot guy. We all voted for change. You see, we saw Clinton as positive. For us personally, for the nation and for the world. Did he make mistakes, Sure He Did, but we liked him none the less. The cover of Time magazine this week is asking if the Republican Revolution is over. I don't know if it is or not. If our country cares more about the Foley scandal than it does over soldiers dying in Iraq in a war we can't win or the fact that we are losing individual liberties faster than you can say the name "Mark Foley", I'm worried. But the Foley situation is a symptom of a bigger problem if you ask me. The problem is that we need more balance in Washington. If one party runs the show, then these sort of alleged (newspaper person coming out in me) coverups appear to come out of the woodwork. We read constantly about the possibility of rigged voting, about tapping of our phones, about the virtual destruction of our standing in the global community, nuclear tests being conducted in North Korea, outing of CIA spies who don't agree with this administration and the list goes on. And I have friends who made it out of Iraq who may have to go back very soon. I felt hope when Clinton was in office. I don't feel hope now at all. I see spin. I see power being more important than anything else, and it's overwhelming. I wish to feel hope again in my country, not fear. So, yeah, I miss Bill Clinton. Did he make mistakes? Yes. I could forgive Geo. Bush and the clan of making mistakes as well, but I don't think I can be as forgiving when decisions are made to violate my country's civil rights and change the constitution I'm quite fond of. So is the Republian Revolution over? I doubt it. Are there fractures in the walls, Yes. I've been saying that for months. 
Bill Clinton was probably one of the best politicians we've ever had. I have REALLY right wing buds who met the guy fully intending to rip him a new one only to end up liking the guy.

On the other hand, let's face it. I'm a decent high school basketball player, but if I were put on the same team with the Jordan-era Bulls, I'd be a GREAT ball player. Clinton is sorta' the same way. He had the fortunate timing to come into power when America was most likely at it's most prosperous and "relaxed" time.

Clinton was like a drug. He made us FEEL good, but I'm not sure how good he was FOR us.

I DO agree with you about the Civil Liberties thing. Then again, Clinton signed some hefty gun bans into law, too . . . bans that later turned out to be 100% ineffective and were sundowned. I'm hoping the same thing will happen to the new laws, as well.

What we have to do is make being a government leader something that honorable people would seek to do instead of propagating the cess pool.
Hubby and I watched The War Room again recently, and I actually cried, remembering how hopeful the time felt, and comparing it to our present state of affairs.

Did not Clinton sell us out to the Chineese? was he a tratior?
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