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Thursday, October 12, 2006
  Finney Starts Pushing Candidate Lowe Finney is making waves in District 27 race in his efforts to unseat former Democrat now Republican Don McLeary. He's made a huge push in the last week and a lot of democrats in Carroll, Gibson and Madison counties have shown up to give their support. We are hearing there is a lot of hard feelings for McLeary by democratic voters. Congressman John Tanner is even lending him his press aide, Randy Ford, to help him out. I know a lot of democrats felt very betrayed by McLeary's defection earlier this year and this race is important because although McLeary's not commenting on what he will do if he wins a new term, the issue of John Wilder is looming and this seat is pivotal. Finney has some connections with some hard hitters. He's a cousin of Ned McWherter, was in Weakley County politics from a young age (he hails from Dresden) and hasn't backed down from McLeary in the two debates over the past couple of weeks. The last debate is scheduled for Monday night at Bethel College. I'm thinking that the dems like that he has come across assertive, knowledgeable and as, if he wins, a new member of the blue dog democrat philisophy. The Jackson Sun has the latest on Finney. 
Can you explain 'blue dog democrat'. I like the sound of it and I'm trying to understand US politics. I've been trying for thirty years.
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