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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  Evil Dead: The Musical I love me some Evil Dead, and anyone who reads this blog knows of my long-distanced starry-eyed affection for Bruce Campbell. But who would have thought of Evil Dead: The Musical.
Unlike most musicals, however, this tale of gruesome supernatural mayhem in a backwoods cabin also boasts a homicidal disembodied hand, a much-used chainsaw, a singing moose head, a song called ''All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons,'' and a high risk of audience members being drenched in geysers of fake blood.
Not me, but I'm game. Bruce Campbell is even involved in a chat back tomorrow. Head to the official website. I'm stoked. 
OMFG! Must go!!!
Oops! The link to the official website is broken, sweetie.
Crap, I'll fix it.
Okay, should be fixed now.
It's the drugs, Tits. I can blame them for months now.
Listen up, you primitive screwheads...

YouTube clip of said musical here:
Thanks Sarcastro.
I'm on it.
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