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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
  Edna, Ghost Stories And Horse Thieves So Rodent Queen and I are headed to Knoxville this morning. It seems, unfortunately, that Edna is running the show a bit and the thought of spending five and a half hours in a car is not my idea of a great time. Edna, why do you hate me so? Also, for my east coast friends, the computer is only working when it wants to and I light a candle for it to survive. Be patient with me as I'm a delicate and feeling all curmedgeony. As this is sort of random, in honor of Rex L. Camino's belated birthday and affection for the bizarre, yesterday I worked on a story about horse and cow thieves. Bonafide, I'm telling you. We are also working on ghost stories. Apparently we are a haunted place to live as the ghost stories have come out of the woodwork. Yup, my watering hole, Cadillacs is haunted. The owner even knows the identity of the haunted soul that's apparently waiting on an endless supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon, although I don't think they've served that in years. He's requested Scout, one of my trusted, to do the interview. This, of course, made my day. There is other good news. Edna has been invited to watch football in the mountains in honor of the crappy birthday which could have a turnaround in K-Town. Thank God. 
Can a spirit actually drink PBR? For that matter, can a spirit drink spirits? The mind reels.

I love this time of year.
Fuck you, Edna!
Tell Edna to stfu

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