Newscoma Has Moved
Thursday, October 26, 2006
  Ding Dong Edna's Gone Well, Newscomavites Edna has left the building, but the evil organ didn't leave without putting up a fight. For all of you sending good karma to West Tennessee, here's Squirrel Queen to give you an update on the latest condition of the Bigfoot chasing editor. We got up not so bright and early Monday to haul Newscoma to the local chop shop. After getting poked and prodded a few more times, they wheeled her away to the operating theater (or for you few and far between Jon Lovitz and Subway fans out there - the thea-tah) to excise the evil, offending organ. About 90 minutes later, Buffy the Bladder Slayer came to report to me that the hand-puppet show in the thea-tah had gone well. While Kukla, Fran and Ollie presided, Edna exited stage left. After becoming slightly more coherent, Newscoma requested a post-operative smorgasbord of Fritos Scoops and bean dip, not necessarily recommended by 9 out of 10 surgeons, but what Newscoma wants, Newscoma gets. After a fitful night, Buffy returned to tell us we could leave the Hell Mouth, sans Edna of course, and head back to the commune. Upon our arrival at the hacienda, the hounds were there to greet their returning Newscoma. There was much barking (by Newscoma) and hopping about (by the canines). The transition from the pump-your-own-meds every six minutes to take-orally-every-four-to-six-hours didn't go so smoothly. Apparently this is what all those hysto-horror stories are about. Tremendous bouts of nausea did little to make Tuesday night a peaceful, dreamy evening. The nausea continued through parts of Wednesday but a new prescription seems to have the heaving at a halt. Huzzah. Thursday afternoon has been better but all those internal organs are still scrambling to turn in their new addresses to the post office and turn off the flashing "Vacancy" sign in the lower abdominal window. She seems to have turned the corner and is feeling much better this evening. Thank goodness and thanks to all you in blog-overse for the good karma and prayers sent her way. SQ 
The best news I've heard all week! Glad to know our friend is doing better and we all know she's in good hands.

docs don't recommend Fritos because they know of the vast recuperative powers such chips offer.
rest well and best to you!
That is good to hear! I hope the recovery goes well. The sooner Newscoma's back, the better.
Glad to hear she is home and I know she is in the very best of hands, hearts and hounds :)

Would love to send a card of care,, email me the address iffen you don't mind,,

P.s. I have found that pain meds don't really like me very much either... I have to take phenagan w/ them at the same time or I become quite ill myself..Thank God that's one addiction I won't have to worry about. I hope her nausea and pain relief continues and things in all regions become as settled as the colbert and john stewart show are to the comedy channel, just a wonderful part of life, :)
Love and kisses, that short little gal in knoxvegas
Thanks for the update..I've been really anxious to hear how our editor is doing..

hugs and more hugs - hutch
Thanks for the update (I love your writing style.. too funny!)

Fritos & bean dip.. heaven.
I think we were separated at birth.

Continue on that get-well trail Newscoma.
I'm so glad you posted... I've been worried about our gal pal. Been there, done that and it isn't easy. Please send my well-wishes her way!
It is all going to be okay now. Newscoma is back!
Thank you, thank you, Squirrel Queen, for taking such wonderful care of our Newscoma.

We love and miss you, Aunt Tick! Rest up and get better in a hurry!
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