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Monday, October 02, 2006
  Day Three of Birthday Celebration One of my blogging buddies is coming in from Nashville and we are celebrating tonight. He was coming up for work, and thought of little old me so I have to come up with a clever place for us to go. I asked him if we wanted to go to a juke joint. Those are plentiful here. I'm excited. Wonder what he'll think of Hooterville. 
Oh my.. that parlor looks like my grannies old place.;o)
Have a ton 'o fun on Day 3!
Did I already wish you a happy birthday? If no, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Try to stay out of trouble. You have a respectable reputation to maintain, ya know.
Is that you in the picture? Why, you don't look a day over 29. You must share your anti-aging secrets with us. ;)
Sorry I've been late in wishing you a happy birthday. :) - but, well, you know . . . anyhow, happy (insert number here)th birthday! Glad you're enjoying yourself, have a brew on me.
It was my great honor to venture out from the big city to the flatland to my west to honor the great and wondrous Newscoma. She, as the great Dylan once said, Forever young.

It was certainly worth the was a triple treat with NC, The Rodent Queen and Beth (sorry Beth..don't know your alias)..A good time, as they say, seemed to be had by all.

happy birthday week,'re the greatest!
No John.
I am humbled.
You were wonderful.
How great it is to talk about things that you don't have to edit.
You are the greatest.
And Beth and RQ are quite smitten.
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