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Monday, October 23, 2006
  A Cup Of Coffee Would Make Me Smile I'm leaving for the hospital in a about an hour. I'm actually rather calm about kicking Edna out of the newscoma temple. She's just been a cranky beoytch for too long, so she must go. You can only give your reproductive organs so many warnings, you know. This should be a piece of cake, although I'm wicked thirsty and I can't have any fluids until after the surgery. I have this overwhelming urge to go stick my tongue in a glass of water (coffee rather, it's morning after all) but I don't know if that's cheating. Man, it seems like a good idea. My dog, Mabel is wandering around. She is not necessarily an early morning dog and she knows something is up. The nieces will be taking care of her. Mabel has to have someone to sleep with or she wigs out. I'm sure they will let her, but you never know. And they are taking care of former hysterectomy survivor, Kirby. Knowing her, she will just hide out under the bed. Wish I could. I also had to take a shower in anti-bacterial soup. Sorta like the scene from Silkwood. My hair feels like straw. But hey, I'm going to wearing one of those jazzy, festive hospital gowns where your butt shows. That's something to look forward to. Until we meet again, Rodent Queen will be updating you. 
I'm thinking of you. I know everything will go well.
Have someone bring you Dark Side Of The Moon to listen to while you're on the morphine drip.
(I had Hendrix on during the drip--fabulous, too!)

Wishing you the best.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.. & yes, you could've swished out your mouth w/ water, as long as you spit it out. (Day late & a dollar short, eh?)

Thinking healing thoughts for you..
Godspeed, Edna.
Thinking of you! Can't wait to hear an update (Thanks you sweetie RQ) and anything we can do for ya...
See ya edna, and hello sans-edna, soon much less complicated life!
Love you!
just another reason Science needs to develop a Coffee Patch.

Hope your recovery is uber-quick!
Heard you made it through okay. Wishing you a speedy recovery! :)
Hope you feel better soon!
Glad to hear your "procedure" went's to a speedy recovery. Can you have coffee now? I was feeling for you not being able to have coffee in that last post!
Hope you feel better soon.
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