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Sunday, October 22, 2006
  Countdown In 24 hours, I'll be at the hospital prepping for surgery. I sort of wish I hadn't told anybody, but you know me, run my mouth on an on-going basis and your going to get feedback. Not all of the feedback, although sweet, has helped. Let us review: Some women tell horror tales that rival the slaughter in Friday the 13th movies. I've been told the pain, the horror. Other women keep telling me to quit being a wuss. And finally, My sister was told that I should NOT have the surgery on Monday because it was a secret day according to the Farmer's Almanac. What the hell is a secret day? So I started looking and I found nothing, but it might be a secret thing like was Masons do. To say I'm nervous is the truth. I've never had to wait to have major surgery, so the anticipation has run through my cranium and, quite frankly, I don't like it. But, in all honesty, I'm doing okay considering. I have some cheesy vampire books to read, the latest Stephen King is on the way from the library and my, not the borrowed, laptop will be back from the computer doctor's by the end of the week. Meanwhile, I'm watching cheesy horror movies, because that's the cure for my strange state of mind. 
You know we'll all be thinking about you! Keep us posted.

General anesthesia dreams are like filming your own little David Lynch movie in your brain.
Great. I've got that creepy baby from Eraserhead running around the hospital room.

Thanks. YOU AND RUABELLE have been great.
Can we drink a lot of beer in Nashville around the first weekend of Dec.?
It will be awesome.
I think tomorrow will be a fine day to say adios to your uterus. ;)

Good luck!
You are definitely in my prayers.

And don't give much credence to the horror stories you've heard. Everyone's experience is different, and you'll be given the strength to meet yours.
What does one say on these occasions? Best of luck?

Anyway, here's to a speedy recovery - and that the only horror stories you'll be telling will be made up.
I highly recommend Kiflicks by Lisa Alther, a TN-born girl who is as funny as a cream pie in the face of William Faulkner.
We wish you a speedy recovery, lady. :)
All the best!
All will be well, miss. Not only are you having it on the right day (during a new moon and with the sun in
Scorpio -- the loins, as it were), but you are young and strong and healthy and will be SO glad it's done. The waiting is indeed the hardest part; my doctor's office called three days before mine was scheduled (had been for four months) and said, "Oh, we need to reschedule, he didn't realize he was off that day." I nearly drove over and beat him out of frustration. Aigggh.

Once you're back online, visit the forums at They're very helpful and reassuring and give you a good idea what to expect with all sorts of things. I was about to freak out over some things and looked them up at HysterSisters and said, "Oh. Okay. Perfectly normal."

Push that morphine button as often as you want to in the hospital. Get UP and around -- with help -- as soon as you can in the hospital. (Seriously. You think you won't want to, but once you get past the "oh G-d, I'm scared" thoughts and sit up and throw your legs off the side of the bed and sit there for a minute, you'll be thinking, "hey, this is all right so far.") Drink lots of lovely ice water. The catheter doesn't hurt. (Really.) Give the nurses a gift, like some brownies or fudge or something for the break room, or share your flowers/plants/food with them. (They, like all people, respond wonderfully to bribes. Hee.)

Relax and stay as doped up as you want when you get home. You may not need much pain medication at all, though, after the first couple of days or so. But regardless, take what you need according to instructions. Take some extra zinc (100 mg) if possible to help speed your healing.

I'm almost five months sans Edna, and I am very glad she's gone. I hope your Edna and mine have a lovely retirement together.

Sending good thoughts and prayers for comfortable healing and lots of rest your way.
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