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Friday, October 27, 2006
  Bride of Ednastein

It's me and I feel like crap.
Thanks to Squirrelly for letting you know what's up and to all my friends and family for being there for me, as this has not been pleasant.
On Monday, Edna went bye-bye and what a crabby organ she was. As I'm writing this on Percodan, please forgive me of any typos or what not.
The surgery went fine, but the recovery is kicking my butt. I had to have two "procedures" done at once; A partial hysterectomy and a bladder hammock put in. My esteemed surgeon, Buffy the Bladder Slayer, had to sort of dig and cut on me to get this done, and so I've been told to stay in the bed. I've also found out I'm allergic to certain pain meds, and I found out the hard way.
I'm not good at staying in the bed, but quite honestly, I haven't felt like doing much of anything else, so I've been watching horror movies all week and taking handfuls of drugs trying to find what will work for me. We think we have it under control today.
 I got sick on the pain meds, so there was an issue. I also haven't slept much, so that  was another issue. And I hallucinated in the hospital that my sister had brought in a copy machine and was making copies while I was on morphine.
Edna's ghost is haunting me, I swear.
On the good side, so many people have been nice to me and taking care of me.
I'll be off from work for awhile. I should be in fighting shape by next week. At least until the pain meds run out.
Also, thanks for all the kind wishes. A toast to all of you when I can toast again.

damn good to see you 'up' and posting post-op. After my operation last summer on my stomach, I realized that pretty much every movement a person can make affects those dang mid-section muscles.

Please take care of yourself and don't scrimp on the morphine or whatever pain meds you can take. Healing works better when a person is not in pain.

Sure glad to see this post!
Oh, sweetie pie! I'm so glad you're back, but there's no need to push yourself. Take as much time as you need to heal properly.

I felt like ass after my c-section. Surgery blows. Good luck finding the right drugs, baby.

::big smooches and cuddles::
Well, I'm not terribly familiar with what you had done - a bladder hammock? - but I know you'll kick it in the proverbial ass. If Pookie can come through her two surgeries that would probably drop an elephant, I know you'll be fine, NC. I'm surrounded by strong "women folk". I'm sure any of us men have either of these surgeries would make us whine like wimpy pups. ;)
Give yourself plenty of time for healing.. the world will keep on spinning, & we'll all be thinking good thoughts for you.
I'm with them. Stay on the drugs, stay on the resting and treat yourself as fragile.

I'm so sorry about the pain med allergy. Was there bundles of puking?
Bundles and Bundles, Kat.
Quite yucky.
Well, let's hope that hammock brings some relaxation and happy times to that area, like they can to some nice back yards...sure seems like a 'happy name'.. ey? and here's hoping
that worst days are behind ya and many days of sunshine ahead of ya (despite the dang ole time change)... take care of yourself,, tis only one Newscoma and she sho is liked a bunch! xoxoxoox
Take it easy, heal.
Yeah. Been there.

Innit fun? Especially puking after an abdominal surgery. Cause, yeah, THOSE muscles are able to support you as your innars fly across the room! ;-p

Girl, I am so sorry. At least they found out what you can take.

Miss Allergic To Demerol
Man, it hurt like crazy. I really thought that the Grim Reaper had come a'calling.
Surgery sucks.
And yes, I'm cranky and have cried at the drop of a hat but I'm doing better.
You're right, surgery sucks big time! I had 'Edna' removed earlier this year. It took me what seemed like forever to recover. At times, I almost thought that maybe I would not recover!! But I did (eventually). And I'm wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. :)
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