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Monday, October 30, 2006
  The Big Push I have been push polled three times today. Well push polled twice and then Clintonized. I've had to get out of bed, go find the phone as the power went off for a bit and the only one that doesn't need electricity is on the other side of the house. Bill Clinton has just left me a message. For the second time. I never knew he and I were such close friends. Enough already. How much does this crap cost anyway? Why don't these folks go and feed some hungry folks some chili or something to get them to vote? Give it a rest 'cause its irritating. Feh. 
Whom was Bill shilling for?
Hi Wintermute.
The answer is (in my best Richard Dawson voice)
Oh, what I wouldn't give to be Clintonized.
Hee hee.
I got a call from Bill yesterday too. Of course, we talk often and have had some fantastic times together.

Then I got that Push Poll for Corker call too. I told the recording I'd vote for Satan himself before I'd vote for Corker.

Then Satan came on and asked me to hold for a call from his mother, Barbra Bush. She told me she was so happy I was supporting her son.

The phone scares me now.
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