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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  Yuck Yup, the clock said three and newscoma's inner body clock decided I needed to be awake. This waking up thing has become very tedious. 
Like me, you must purchase a new inner clock. Mine's "brokeded". Long live the stonger coffee's! is mighty early in the morning. Good morning and a wonderful wacky Wednesday to ya!
I am so freaking addicted to the net. I will have moments of late where I lose my deep slumber for what would normally be a moment, but soon as my mind comes around even slightly, it's blog surfin' time! Even at 3:47 am. Arrrgh.
I never fell asleep when I wanted or got 6 hours until I started taking Ambien. No sluggish feeling in the AM. No wacky dreams. Just a nice 6 hour nap.

I highly recommend it.
Maybe I need one of those fans (Dragonfly) things that you were giving away earlier this summer.
Or maybe Ambien.
Anything at this point.
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