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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
  Where's My Invitation? There are two political parties that rule. I feel sometimes I've been left out in the cold by both of them, quite frankly. I'm liberal on domestic issues and a bit more conservative on fiscal management that has to do with my tax monies. I believe that we need to take care of who we can and watch the pork money carefully. I'm offended when bills of value are tied into knots with personal agendas that are wrapped up in them for political/financial gain. I hate fear tactics to garner emotion over bills and political ideas instead of just having a conversation of the nation at large from both sides of the political coin. Just talk to us. You say your for us, but are you really just all about being elected into office? So with Harold Ford Jr. and Bob Corker tied neck and neck, Corker refusing to debate on Meet the Press and Ford voting like he's one of the biggest conservatives in Washington, (I realize Ford calls himself a moderate.)I have a thought for our candidates to take into consideration. First of all, you are not rock stars. You are elected officials. Quit saying what you're going to do if you think it's what voters want to hear. That is also insulting. Tell us what you'll actually do and mean it. Campaign promises are also insulting if there's nothing to back it up. Also, knock it off on issues that won't be decided by you in the end anyway. Abortion and gay marriage issues are headed to the Supreme Court. It's not like you have any sayso in the long run of what will be decided on them. If you feel strongly about it, great. If you are just throwing out some political spin, move on to something else. Quit making immigrants the dirty word of the year. There are many legal immigrants coming into this country. Illegal immigration is a problem, there is no doubt, but don't be prejudicial toward everyone who wants to live in this country. Some folks are doing it the legal way and should be commended, not ostracized. (This goes for all politicians.) Quit minimizing women's rights. We still don't make us much as men. We have the right to say it (this goes for all politicians.) The outsourcing of jobs from my community is collectively destroying it. I believe we must be more globalized in certain respects, but for pete's sake, fight for us to keep working because corporate structures are tied into politics in this day and age. Our population is decreasing in Weakley County by the thousands. We've gone from roughly 35,000 to 31,500 (rough estimate). Northwest Tennessee has been banished in certain respects. Our one last plant in Union City is collectively holding our area hostage and has created such bridges within the community it's becoming frightening. The threat that if you don't join with us, we will leave, is getting tiresome. But it will devastate us as well and it's true because they can do that. And that, my friends, is pretty scary. Rural communities have a voice too. Will you, Mr. Ford and Mr. Corker, be an advocate for us? So I'm waiting for an invitation to your collective parties, because I haven't received one for years. Update: Here's a list of who's backing both of the candidates and a breakdown of their donation pool at the Commerical Appeal. 
Awesome post, I so totally agree on every point you made!
N.C., this is possibly one of the best posts you've made on your site. Seriously, this is a good one. Well done. I don't like to "cheerlead" as I call it, but this one is worthy of mention.

I'm with you 100% on the outsourcing of jobs and the "you won't have a vote in this one so why bother mentioning it" thing. Well put.
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