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Friday, September 29, 2006
  Week Long Celebration Of Newscoma's Wonderfulness Okay. I realize you five guys who read me but don't really know me are intrigued by me or at least that's what the three friends on my MySpace account say. Intrigued. Yes Indeedy, better than disgusted so I'll take it. You know I have a small dog named Mabel, that stupid political spin irritates me and that (if you've read 100 things) I don't like hot fruit. It makes me gag. I also bite my nails. There you go. I'm sure we are BFF's now. So, here is a new tidbit. This is my 1100th post and this is my announcement to all of my new BFF's about my yearly tradition, which appears to make me look like a raving egotist. I celebrate my birthday for a week. Starting tomorrow is the week-long celebration of my 41st birthday. The actually birthday is Oct. 7 which is next Saturday. I do this every year. For seven full days, I celebrate in wild revelry of my naked birthday, when I came into the world during a violent thunderstom which interrupted my doctor's enjoyment of a football game between Dresden and Martin High Schools. It was a Friday, from what I understand. Now, the thing is, I am trying to decide how to best honor ... umm ... me on my big day. Suggestions welcome. There are no prizes, but I'm a thinking that you guys might have some good ideas. Nashville and Memphis are open to visit. No camping (I hate camping.) Presents are optional. There is newscoma eve (Friday) and Newscoma Birthday (Saturday) to consider. Bass Beer must be a part of the celebration but I don't give a flip about cake. My top hat is ready. 
Hmmm. I's only a year younger than you and I celebrated my 20th and 21st birthdays in Martin. Both celebrations included Cadillac's and a trip to the border for drive-thru alcohol purchases. Much younger birthday celebrations in town included fireworks in my Uncle's backyard and strawberry cake at Shoney's (shut it - it was all you had back then).
I'm, not I's, I'm not THAT country.
Shoneys. Ahh, the memories.
For me, it was the Hot Fudge Cake.
Usually after Cadillacs.
And, Caddy's gives you free beer on your birthday now.
They have imports over the border now.
Molsen (blech)
I heart Newscoma.

And with a week of celebration to consider, I will put on my Wonder Tripelts Thinkin' Cap (with a li'l propeller on top)and send a suggestion or two as soon as I can.

Glad ya arrived here on this spinning blue ovoid-ish sphere some few odd years back (as a friend of mine would say you're just over thirty-teen).
Congrats. Same day as my brother and grandson. Do you get a present each day?

Right Tuth
When I was younger, actually I did. It was sort of like Hanukkah without being like Hanukkah at all. My parents always called me High Maintenance.
I wonder why?
Incidentally, October 7 is a big present buying day in your family, isn't it?
Cathy, Cadillacs hasn't changed AT ALL except they have wireless and its the only place in town where I can work when I need a few minutes away from the office. I forgot about that.
Cuppa: I heart you!!!!!!

I will have to get to work on this posthaste.

My birthday is the 19th. Yet one more reason to love you, fellow Libra!
You are wonderful. No question. :)
If angry people such as us like you, you can bet you have more readers than you think.

There's some really boring blogs on the wire these days. Newscoma isn't one of them.
Keep up the good work.
Come to Nashville on the 7th! My birthday is the 9th, so we could celebrate together on Saturday.
Let's go do some Karaoke and dancing afterwards!
I always like to find a tree and climb it on my birthday. I don't know why, but it has always seemed like the thing to do.

By the way, my b-day falls on October 8th. I seem to be right between you and Sharon.
Well, Rex and Sharon.
I'm working up a cunning plan.
You were born on a Thursday.
Your star sign is Libra.
The season was Autumn.
You are 40 years, 11 months, 23 days old.*
It is 7 days until your next Birthday.*
You are 14,968 days old.*
You are approximately 359,246 hours old.*
You are approximately 1,293,288,042 seconds old (as of this posting)

Happy Birthday!
Your right, I was born on a Thursday.
Man, you are one investigative reporter there, Frank.
Happy Birthday! Celebrating for a week sounds like a wonderful plan!
I celebrated the big 5-0 in Kansas City, MO.. eating & shopping my way thru that place.
And then went to a drag queen show on the actual birthdate. It seemed like a good idea at the time..
And I surrounded myself w/ my favorite people for those 3 days (left the hubby at home!)
I highly recommend it.
well...damn, i'm gonna be in Texas the weekend of the 7th..leaving town on the 5th, so I won't be in the state. I suspect I'll be missing the statewide celebration of the wonder that is Newscoma.

Happy birthday week. In my book, you should have a MONTH devoted to you.

love-(the other)hutch
Newscoma and Rex--
A three day celebration is definitely in order!
I think I need to begin such a tradition when my birthday rolls around.

Do let me know if the celebration includes a stop in Naishful.

I saw something today on Tennessee Crossroads in Martin that I simply MUST get in the car and drive to see...that little, old timey town thing?
What did you see?
I can probably tell you if its a good thing or not.
We have cows. Was that it?
Wow, happy birthday week! Personally I stopped having birthdays at 39, but if I got a whole week of festivities, maybe I would reconsoder and decide to turn 40 (again). :)
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