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Sunday, September 10, 2006
  Travolta In Drag Yup, That's John Travolta on the set of the new "Hairspray" Musical. He ain't Divine, but I saw the musical at the Orpheum in Memphis a couple of years ago and it was fun. 
Good god, the man's creepy enough without the drag get-up. What's next, "Johnny Poppins"?
First Tom Cruise apologizes to Brooke Shields while eating breakfast at her house. Now John Travolta in Drag!
What's next - Kirstie Alley and Priscilla Presley coming out as a couple before marrying Bigfoot?
These Scientologists are turning things upside down.
No way the Grease-r can top the divine Divine. The man was made for that movie, along with the wondrous Debra Harry.

I'm wondering what this will do to Travolta's odd career arc..back to the 'look who's gawking' stage or more into the realm of pulp friction..
He looks a bit like Nanny McPhee here. Except heavy. Must be the teeth.
I lived in the Highlandtown section of Baltimore for many years growing up. Many scenes from John Waters' original movie version were filmed in the neighborhood. I remember a section of Eastern Avenue being blocked off one day as they were filming a scene with Rikki Lake outside Pacey's dress shop. And the premiere at the Senator theatre was one for the ages.

I know people who saw the Broadway show and loved it. Looking forward to the movie myself.
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