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Saturday, September 16, 2006
  Thong Girl How in the name of everything holy did I miss this one? How, I tell you, how?!
Mayor Don Wright has raised eyebrows in town by allowing the makers of "Thong Girl 3" to film in his office on a Sunday.

Wright says he supports filmmaking for economic development in town and only knew generally what the movie was about.

"They told me it was a film about a superhero woman and there was no nudity or any kind of offensive stuff in the film," Wright said.

In the film series, the risque superheroine dons red underwear and "polices the skies with an iron fist" to keep Nashville safe, according to the Thong Girl Web site,

Some say using City Hall for this kind of movie could be offensive.

"I feel that if he used the city property to allow the filming of such a movie, that it's extremely degrading to the citizens of Gallatin, and I think it's totally unacceptable," District 2 City Councilman Dale Bennett said.

Wright is the mayor in Gallatin. Here is the official blog of Thong Girl.

Dagnabbit!!! You beat me to it!

I've yet to see any info about how much money the filming brought to the town, if any. And who cares if the movie is as cheesy as a wheel o' cheddar? It isn't porn or Girls Gone Wild.

Shoot, Gallatin can use it in tourism advertising - Home of Thong Girl 3. Just imagine the cash possibilities of Thong Girl Tours of City Hall!
ahem..the editorial staff here at Salem's Lots would like to remind the public that we were ALL over this story YesTerDay!


We do have our Salemtown spin on it though...

your fan-hutch
Sorry, I was dealing with Union guys all day yesterday.
You are the Murray Waas of thong movie news, Hutch.
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