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Sunday, September 10, 2006
  Sunday Time Wasters Let's link dump, shall we: A funny exchange by Les Jones. One of the many reasons I go to Salem's Lot. Kat Coble breaks it down. Damn, I wish I could have gone. Sista Smiff celebrates her child and it's wonderful. Geo. Bush no FDR. Frank Rich tells you why. Tits alerted us to something every baby should have. A Baby Toupee! And to answer Sharon Cobb's question on her blog, newspapers are doing any and everything to get people to read them. The mantra at my paper now is "Craig's List is Coming." There is some real fear so we get the Lindsey Lohan/Suri Cruise crap. We live in a pop culture world. But we also live in a very good one if you look around you like Nashville Knucklehead did. And what he saw was awesome and amazingly real at the same time. And Sen. Roy Herron is actually posting over at Faithful Democrats. Surreal. 
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